NAME : Brahmarshi Patriji (India)
TOPIC : Science of Enlightenment
TIME : 11:30am - 1.30pm
DATE : 29th Sep-2016


Patriji awakens us to the universal truth- “You create your reality” by guiding us into deep states of Meditation. Explaining that the Science of Meditation is actually the science of energy maximization, he will be demystifying simply the three grand happenings during our inward journey. He will be sharing with us that Meditation is the greatest gifts given by our own efforts to our own selves!

Brahmarshi Patriji is the founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in 1990. Playing a significant part in the great New Age Spiritual Revolution rippling across the world, PSSM is dedicated to spreading the basics of Spiritual Realities and Spiritual Science to one and all.

The core message being that “We are not just physical entities experiencing random existence. Instead, we are ‘Eternal Energy-Consciousness-Wisdom (ECW) entities’ constantly choosing creating our respective on-going existential realities.” And, to achieve this state of Buddha-hood, PSSM is zealously spreading the following principles:

  • Using Breath for Practicing Meditation

  • Utilizing Pyramid Energy for Meditation

  • Enhancing the understanding through all the Essential Teachings of all the world’s Great Spiritual Masters

  • Being a Vegetarian and being compassionate to all our younger brothers i.e. members of the Animal, Fish and Bird Kingdoms

To know more about the movement, please visit www.pssmovement.org