NAME : Judy Satori (USA)
TOPIC : Passage to Extraordinary : Opening the Time Locks of the Human DNA Code
TIME : 6:00pm – 7:30pm
DATE : 30th Sep 2016


The energy that Judy brings through her hands and voice as “Light Language” energy is part of a Divine Plan transmitted by the Elohim, the creator aspect of God, to transform humanity for the next phase of Earth’s evolution. She will be awakening us to the so called ‘junk DNA’ that many of us are yet to activate.

Judy Satori has been described as a way shower, activator and catalyst for human transformation. She travels and works internationally and is the author of ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’, a story transmitted to her by Spirit about the true origins of the human race.

Judy Satori over the course of many years has been spiritually trained and prepared to recode human DNA; to transmit the sound and light sequences (energy “words”) that are required to catalyze physical and energetic changes within the cells of the human body, and, in so doing, to spark a physical and consciousness upgrade for humanity.

Post Conference

Meditation Matters – Opening to Your Soul’s Truth and Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Guidance

Judy Satori’s post GCSS workshop will teach you how to strengthen your alignment with your soul’s voice and the guidance of your higher self. Through this portal we will also connect with ‘Beings of Light’ and Love from multi-dimensional realities who will further guide and support us in answering our questions and concerns about everything.

To know more about Judy, please visit www.judysatori.com