NAME : Dr. Newton Kondaveti (India)
TOPIC : Astral Travel and exploring Non-Physical Planes
TIME : 10:00am – 1:30pm
DATE : 2nd Oct 2016


Astral Travelling is one of the most essential tools for the expansion of the soul. With the help of Soul Science wisdom, we will gradually explore various non-physical worlds and gain knowledge that cannot be gained from the material world. With a guided session on learning to astral travel with the expertise as that of this couple, you can be assured to learn many things about yourself and unlearn many things that were previously thought to be true.

Dr. Newton Kondaveti is reputed for his innovative healing and transformative methods based on the underlying principle of “Know Thyself Heal Thyself”. Dr. Lakshmi is the Founder of the organization ‘Angels of the Earth’, which is solely dedicated to caring for the animals.

The duo are co-founders of Life University and pioneers in the field of Past Life Regression. They travel all over the world teaching meditation, conducting self-discovery and self-empowerment workshops, training past life regression therapists and spreading the message of vegetarianism.

To know more about their work, please visit www.luglobal.org