NAME : Shola Birgitt Starp (Germany)
TOPIC : Conscious Creative Self-Discovery
TIME : 2:30pm – 4:00pm
DATE : 2nd Oct 2016


SHOLA BIRGITT STARP is a European artist of German-Danish descent, and an Art Coach. Shola is a Reiki Master, Rebirthing trainer, seminar leader, lecturer, writer, translator and organizer. Her seminars and sessions combine deep intuition, unconditional love, work with Conscious Connected Breathing, the Natural Elements, body movement, active meditation, visualization and giving acces to different art techniques and materials. She works with children, adolescents, youth in difficulties, adults, handicapped adults and artists. Her body of poetry and writing is an integral part of her research and creativity.

Shola’s basic line of work is the integration and activation of all human potential, regaining our natural capacity to be conscious creators of our lives, impacting the planet and the universe with beauty and integration.Her art work and studies of human female history revolves mainly around investigating female archetypes and harmonizing Male and Female. She exhibits her sculptures, paintings, collages, photo-manipulations and installations in many European countries. Art studies with individual international artists and in a Dutch art academy were followed by founding an international art gallery, Arca di Corrado, in Shola’s residence in Anticoli Corrado near Rome, in 1987.

In 1991 Shola co-founded and directed the holistic seminar center for self-healing techniques, Scuola di Respiro, in Rome, Italy, where she held her seminars, retreats, trainings and lectures. She organized, translated and assisted Konrad Halbig’s seminars and Rebirthing Training in Italy for 4 years; organized and translated Jasmuheen’s seminars in Italy; organized José Gonzales and Emanuela Forti’s seminars.

Important teachers were Phyllis Furomoto, Grand Master of Usui Reiki; Emanuela Forti, Kundalini Yoga teacher and practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin Bhuddism; Konrad Halbig, Rebirthing trainer, author and editor (KOHA Verlag Germany); Leonard Orr, Founder of Rebirthing, Author; Jasmuheen, Australian Breatharian Master, author and conference leader; Manson, Navajo Ritual Master; Naomi Feinberg, Israeli Merkavah-trainer; José Gonzales, Amazonian Shaman; Maneesh, French enlightened Sannyasin teacher; Babaji, Himalayan Avatar; Polona Sepé, Slovenian Krya Tantra Yoga Master; Bettina Maria Weigel Andersen, Danish Crimson Circle Facilitator; Mallku Aribalo, Andean Shaman.

Shola Birgitt Starp cooperated in many organizations, as organizer, seminar leader, translator, artist: the Rajneesh Devamani Center in Torino, Italy; Il Centro, cultural association for holistic seminars, Rome, Italy; Babaji Center, Graz, Austria; Harmony Program, Zagreb, Croatia; Smolnik Spiritual center, Maribor, Slovenia; Fazenda Vida, Meditation center in Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil; Bio Boutique and Healing center, Mojacar, Spain; Cooperative Arte Aniene, Subiaco, Italy; Emergency Youth Education Day Center in Infernetto, Italy; Arte Randagia, art gallery and abandoned dog’s refuge in Anticoli Corrado.

Long periods of living and working in Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, India, Croatia, Slovenia, U.S.A., Brazil, China, and a recent research trip to Peru, have given her precious experience and insights, and the past year of confronting her German-Danish roots have deepened her integration of opposites.

Books translated: Leonard Orr, Konrad Halbig: “Il libro del Rebirthing – l’arte del respiro consapevole”, edizioni Mediterranee; Jasmuheen: “L’arte di vivere in risonanza”, edizioni Mediterranee.

Shola Birgitt Starp currently lives near the Baltic Sea in Germany, and has her Studio in Anticoli Corrado, Italy.