The Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) Is a unique platform created to bring together several New Age Spiritual Masters and Scientists of the world to share their spiritual perspectives, research works and experiences.



As President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, since 2008 when the events first began in Pyramid Valley, in Bangalore, I have been privileged to witness so many wonderful things at this annual event, as so often happens with gatherings of like minded people....


Pyramid Valley is an International Meditation Center serving individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom and helps them unlock their hidden potential. It is also a proud home for the first Largest Meditational Pyramid. Inspired by the vision of our Founder Brahmarshi Patriji’s that “Masters of the World .. Unite”, Pyramid Valley is setup with a core objective of providing a COMMON PLATFORM for all world spiritual masters, to collaborate for a peaceful and love filled planet Earth in the shortest possible time.

Life University is set amidst pristine, natural surroundings and both the land and surrounding atmosphere are charged with high energies. Work commenced on 10th June 2010 when a core group, under the leadership of Dr. Newton, visited the land and did a series of Meditations thereby creating the Astral Template of Life University. Life University is much more than just an educational institution. It seeks to create a spiritual community composed of people who understand spirituality, practice it, and live in oneness consciousness. It will become a city of light workers – a recreation of paradise on earth.

Thriive is a theory. A simple one - a belief that all it takes to transform the ordinary to extraordinary is a pulse of energy. That all it takes to go from struggling “inside the box” to leaping “outside the box” is but a vibrating thought. A single instant, a moment of light, a revelation can at times break down those walls, and suddenly we begin to Thriive. STAY TUNED to connect to our growing network of Thriivers - people like us - homemakers, teachers, lawyers, corporators, artistes, musicians, actors, healers, therapists, and global coaches.