Bounce Forward - Crisis Create Opportunity

by Sam Cawthorn

Time & Date : Oct 1st, 2016, 9:30am - 5:30pm

I am thinking differently, I am going to help you think differently and together we can inspire our teams to think differently.


Group on within 18 months of starting, google offered them 5.3 billion dollars. And get this they started in the middle of the one of the biggest financial crisis in the world, it was founded in the middle of the financial crisis, yet it was the fastest growing company in the history.

In the crisis, we might suddenly start thinking innovatively, we start thinking creatively because we want to bounce ourselves out of that, not bounce back, but bounce forward.


Whenever we have a down turn or problem, and then suddenly we hit a rock bottom and think, man we just need to get out of this and then suddenly we are told, and it’s such a culture now that we are actually told to bounce back, bounces back to this place that has got us to the problem in the first place.

On average the crisis that would vain within the industry, you know you have got our legislation that changes in compliance. you have also got changes in Consume behavior, you have got a change in global financial crochet but you have got all these changes that are happening.

And so often we actually think, we can just weather the stone we can get 30? or just wait until such time as, we can bounce back.


We have to look at the bouncing forward into what we can become.

I have been coming along to this type of conferences for over 15 years, this session is by far the best session that I have ever attended ~ Manager, The Common Wealth Bank.


The doctors that were primed to be positive, outperform their peers by up to 50 percent.50% better results, 50 percent better productivity,50 percent better profitability as well.

Happy nuns out live mutual unhappy nuns.

There was a study that was done over something over 80 years and they actually started to journal through a number of nuns. Look at these, at age 85, 90% of the happy nuns were actually still alive. At age 85 70% of mutually unhappy nuns had actually passed away.

If we are not priming ourselves (and our employees) in a positive way, we are handicapping them in regards to their performance and their productivity levels by up to 50 percent.

Not only was sam’s story inspirational he directly related into the challenges our team face daily. Highly Recommended. ~ National Sales Manager. Toyota.


34 years ago I had a major accident what was your moment within a moment that, that drastic moment that changed everything in your life and tell me something, did you actually bounc back from that? Or did you actually downfall?

Sam’s a living example of how important it is to stay positive, be resilient and to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come. ~ BP President. I was incredibly inspired by Sam.


It brought tears to my eyes.
humorous engaging, very uplifting.
I have cried pretty much for the whole presentation except for when he was making us laugh.
This moment is a transformational moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.
I am paying back on bouncing forward? I am going to get all my team to start thinking about bouncing forward.
it was inspiring it was a moment something you will always remember.
Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by sam’s message of optimism in both business and in life ~ CEO Citibank.

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