Conscious Creative Self-Discovery

by Shola Birgitt Strap

Time & Date : Oct 2nd, 2016, 2.30pm - 4:00pm

When we activate all our senses, inner and outer, our vitality opens in unexpected ways, and we find ourselves capable of mastering our life in hitherto un-imagined and new forms. Our innate creativity begins to sparkle and produce unique and rewarding results, and gives us reasons to train hitherto under-estimated talents, skills, and preferences that give us joy to exercise. It may mean that we make a profession out of our personal gift.

Shola will pull all the registers in her vast assortment of intuition, experience, training and understanding in order to make the participants get in touch with each their creative genius, maybe left to languish since first grade back in school – whether it be adults, schoolchildren, teenagers or senior citizens… There will be rhythmic music to dance a painting, dialogue with Mother Earth in modelling clay, exploring nature with colours, collecting interesting samples, getting in touch with the trees, experimenting with art techniques, materials, self-visualization and self-portraits.

Combining guided meditation, basic colours, breathing and perceiving our presence in body and soul, art work thus may turn out to be a powerful tool for accessing the innate whole-ness, that never was broken and thus will not need any “fixing”. The only thing needed is for each to find their own special doorway that leads into the personal Creative Kingdom, and accepting the dialogue with the inner “unknown divinity”.

As someone put it, control belongs to the dilettantes, whilst opening to the unknown with dedication is of the professionals. Our working mode thus eludes the controller and lands in the boundless magic of exploration.

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