by Judy Satori

Post Conference Workshop by Judy Satory on October 3rd, 2016

Opening to Your Soul’s Truth and Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Guidance

Meditation calms the over activity of the mind and connects us to the voice of our soul, our higher self, that is always guiding us on our life journey.

This day with Judy Satori and Spirit is for YOU. Judy Satori’s post GCSS workshop will teach you how to strengthen your alignment with your soul’s voice and the guidance of your higher self. Through this portal we will also connect with Beings of Light and Love from multi-dimensional realities who will further guide and support. Your questions and concerns will be answered.

All participants will receive as a FREE GIFT the Mp3 audio files and accompanying PDF book of Judy’s new program True Colors presented in New York City in May and valued at $US 195.00. This program for use at home will further support you in standing in the truth of your soul and doing what your soul has come to do. More information about True Colors at www.Judy SHOP from August.

Main Topic : "Passage to Extraordinary : Opening the Time Locks of the Human DNA Code"
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