Re-Defining the Masculine :
From Grandiosity & Shame to Wholeness & Freedom

by Tom Young

Time & Date : Sep 30th, 2016, 10:00am - 1.30pm

This experiential mini-workshop examines and challenges current definitions of masculinity, offers paths back to one’s deeper truth and introduces a new model of ‘relational living’ that will assist men in behaving responsively and leading courageously in the world.

Participants will:
➣ consider ‘maleness’ from a historical perspective and its present day legacies
➣ codify ‘responsible masculinity’ from their own stories
➣ experience ways for men to re-connect with their bodies and hearts as a way into a deeper sense of who they really are
➣ explore the extraordinary potential of combining the female and male energies
➣ be introduced to Relational Living as a path to wholeness & fulfillment

The workshop includes gentle movement, guided visualization, individual & pair exercises oh, and fun. And it’s not just for men!

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